Trevor Richards new Orleans trio


New Orleans Trio
The trio instrumentation with horn, piano and drums embodies the quintessence of classic jazz - melody, harmony and rhythm - without losing any of its variety or its appeal. The three artists revitalize this chamber musical tradition with their virtuosity, creativity and passion, and transform their music into a unique, exciting experience. Trevor has been dedicated to the trio format throughout his career in classic jazz over the last 45 years. John Defferary, after a quarter century on tour in the bands of Papa Bue and Chris Barber, has returned as celebrated reed player, as on occasions have Olivier Franc, Thomas L'Étienne and Frank Roberscheuten, to name but a few. Pianist and vocalist Simon Holliday complets the group. For special occasions the Trio - and also the British New Orleans All Stars - may be augmented by the sensational Caribbean jazz, blues and gospel singer Denise Gordon.

Denise Gordon  

British New Orleans All Stars


British New Orleans Allstars
In the early 50s British jazz musicians were among the first Europeans to study jazz at the source. Trevor moved to New Orleans in the mid 60s at the age of 21 to learn the city's music from its pioneers first-hand. He formed the All Stars in 2004 to cultivate this gorgeous music, played by the best British musicians of various generations and presented in their own inimitable British style.


Frank RoberscheutenMatthias Seuffert


Reeds Write!
The concept of the "Melodic Era" covers the 50 years of the first half of jazz history when the concept of melody was still essential to jazz. Many reed players of that era wrote songs of timeless beauty, some long neglected. This tiny jewel of jazz history is presented with irresistible swing and charm by the Trio with Matthias Seuffert or the Quartet with Frank Roberscheuten as guest, supported by piano giant Simon Holliday.

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